We Make PeaceAndLove.

We will make some trouble, fuckup their minds and scream some fuck forever.

Make Out, Like We Should.


Why ya drunk in my living room?

We Created It, Let's Take It Over.


Wao. No problem- jag är sälla så här jävla glad men just nu känns det som jag har allt.

People try to put us down
Just because we g-g-g-get around
I don't need your fucking shit!
I hope I die because of it. My generation, baby.

Can't Stop I Require.

I need air, I need some dirty air.

You're Not Coming Home Tonight.

use you as they all can use.

Ass N Titties

Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass N Titties
Sugen på fetaste festivalen, 5 fucking dagar och vi är där, loco...

Once A Failure, Always A Retard.


No joke Mother.


Twiligtsaga,  water and mango, wow can't say its summer.


jaccki im ego no more

i'm on a boat motherfucker.

Last Season You Hated Us All.

I will drink I will drink until I can't

Ignore, Ignore Then Let’s.


Pay no attention to, well I will not do.

Hanging High.


Some Time I Just Want To Put My Hands Around Your Neck And ...

For The Entire Summer.


Wawa,it's Sunday. jackié och ida ska styra kyckling, wook och pommes  och vem vet en cigg på det.

no dolly love,


I've been dying to say this to you
And I don't know what else to do
I've seen your fucking attitude.

Loco Loco Loco.



oh loverboy.

How Do You Call Your Lover boy, Come Here Lover Boy, And If He Doesn't Answer,
Oh Lover Boy, And If He Still Doesn't Answer, I Simply Say Baby.

Can’t breathe can’t breathe.

willmake pandl

They Will Make Peace And love Again.

His Day Will Come

my fake boyF
All these years and you just don't stop beating me down Mr J.D

Party Can't Bore You

Party hard make them all sweat

My Body And Soul The Thing Whit A Mate

Monpetitlapin and  Screwn'N'do ya my homegirls,
bff för fan

When The Past Stab You In The Back.

When the past stab you in the back.
media trumlr
All This Fake Bitches

Like The Drug You Are

Kan gessle och dröm-hus sjunga rakt in till ditt hjärta..

I have really mess this up I can't call and you can't see me and now I can't have you.

All I wanted was your hands around my and nothing more

If You Had A Heart.


This must be you saying bye and I start to shrike. You have fuckt up my thought and I really  wanted you.

School Me Twice And I Will Kill Ya

True bitch bitch can
some fuckt up things
I can't stand you now. I will lick my wound diligent and then when I back you will see my true color

Lick your cigarette then kiss me

you irritate me and she and he and. . they the all do.

FunnyThought, jag har aldrig känt mig så pissig, inte över någon som du. Jag och min jävla känslor jag och mina jävla impulser, jag vill ha han andra i en lite ask

Just Play Darlings And I Will Die Satisfied

come and play for us, play your best and i will die happy my love
4 och 5,dagar, en vecka  11 daga och 23 dagar thank god for the weekend and rest for the summer vacation.


Marry me

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