All Soft And Edgy.

teddybears war.

Now BigMaster.

We going to  touch your soul.

Ozzy Classic As Can Be.

Burning Fire Burning Fire Burning Fire.

Shame, My Way Of Walking.


Play Manufacture.

Pistol,Vodka and a leatherbra.

Now Your Bangs Are Curled Your Lashes Twirled But Still The World Is Cruel.

Fashion School Dropout Fashion School Dropout Fashion School Dropout Fashion School Dropout Fashion School Dropout Fashion School Dropout Fashion School Dropout Fashion School Dropout

 Fashion School Dropout, No graduation day for you.

Study Me.

I gotta go back, back, back to school again
Geometry and history is just a pain,
Biology and chemistry destroys my brain.
and I'm really much too young to matriculate.

Poor Little Rich Girl.

poor little rich girl 
Edie. A tribute to all the hater out there.

Then My Wings Quick Dissappeared.

You Flying High I Crash And Burn Girl.

A Love Affair Made For Failing.


Hey you and I are going to have a big love affair and it won't work but somewhere in the middle, my god we tried.

Daddy's Gone.

PAPPA PAPPA PAPPA. I'm I'm,I'm in need of getting you back.  

I Play Deaf, Dumb And Blind.

                                             Could, What if, perhaps, maybe

When The Sunsets Keep Chasing You

When jaco is awake she glance above you, when she's asleep you just walk right  in.

Ego While I Have No Fun.


yäy, jaco tänkte skriva något som skulle bli lite vettigt. Men fan vettigt blir alltid cococrez.
Anywho jag planerar att styra sthm till helgen och spendera lite cash, sedan blir det att supa skallen åt helvete, det är ju trotts allt mini tid kvar på sommarlovet och poor me som går i sommarskola, inge tid kvar att leva på ingen tid alls.  

My Name Is Never Was, My Name's Forgotten.

Honeysuckle she's full of poison.

They Won't Take You To The Vet

smelly cat smelly cat, All the dogs in the neighborhood Are saying this for your own good What, you're fat, so you can't run No fun, I bet, No fun

Don't Go All Soft On Me.

I sleep with windows open,I sleep with eyes wide
just In case you would come walking, just In case you change your mind.

Sensual Seduction.


Monpetitlapin, ScrewNdo they so fun.

Floating High.

I could tell you a tale of the bottomless blue, a mysterious ocean waiting for you.

Catch Light.

they are still drop dead gorgeous.

No Wine No Fun

Hi i dont feel you, but i feel the last glass.

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